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Cave-Link Measuring Stations

| Eppensteiner Tom

With the help of the Cave-Link (CL) data communication and measurement system physical parameters, like e.g. pressure (water, air), temperature (water, air), rainfall and relative humidity at different locations in caves and outside are automatically collected and transmitted to a central database. The measured values can be read here and presented in a graph.
Cave-Link devices can also transmit short messages (SMS) and are used this way during speleology projects and rescue missions. Read more about here.

Cave-Link Measurement Data

Short data on mobile phone:

Cave-Link Measuring Stations
(Click on links below to get measured values as Graph)

(Note 1)


Region Cave Height
(m a.s.l)
"Schlichenden Bruennen" (Bridge, SCBB) P, WT, LT AGH Muotatal no 635.4 2007-12-07 all data
"Schlichenden Bruennen" (BAFU Station-ID: 2499) P, WT BAFU Muotatal no 638 1998  
Hoelloch Entrance E1 / (BAFU Station-ID: 2636) P AGH/BAFU Muotatal yes 736 2008 all data
Sandhalde P, T AGH Muotatal yes 658 2009-02-14 all data
Keller P, T AGH Muotatal yes 668 2008-03-24 all data
Riesengang P, T AGH Muotatal yes 647 2008-03-24 all data
Ratsaal P, T AGH Muotatal yes 704 2010-11-20 all data
Schuttunnel P, T AGH Muotatal yes 691 2010-12-27 all data
Donnertal P, T AGH Muotatal yes 648 2007-01-27 all data
Waerterhaus (Rain gauge) N, LT, RF AGH Muotatal no 670 2011-04-21 all data
Muesenbalm (Rain gauge) N, LT, RF AGH Muotatal no 880 2018-10-27 all data
Riedmattli (Rain gauge) N, LT, RF AGH Muotatal no 1'050 2018-10-27 all data
Mittlist Weid (Rain gauge) N, LT, RF AGH Muotatal no 1'261 2011-04-22 all data
Floescheggen (Rain gauge) N, LT AGH Muotatal no 1'653 2011-04-20 all data
Twaerenen (Rain gauge) N, LT AGH Muotatal no 2'200 2011-05-04 all data
Stoellen (Rain gauge) N, LT, RF AGH Muotatal no 2'230 2018-09-15 all data
Hoellenschacht P, T AGH Muotatal yes 1'421 2010-03-13 all data
Lochbach-Cave P, WT, LT HGM Muotatal yes 620 2007-02-17 all data

Note 1): P=Water-Level, WT=Water temperature, LT=Air temperature, T=Temperature, LD=Air pressure, N=Rainfall, RF=Relative humidity

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